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July 27 2014


Project NoSpank









Cerebral Palsy Information





Common Dreams

























Holocaust Teacher Resource Center




Southern Poverty Law Center





Amnesty International

Amnesty Int'l USA


















S&S Worldwide






CSUN Website



Synapse Adaptive

Ablenet (IntelliKeys)


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Community Playthings



Rifton Equipment



MOVE International






Library of Congress THOMAS



Texas Home School Coalition






Homeschooling : Special Needs Children (KinderStart)




As the late Carl Sagan might have said, "There are billions and billions of websites on the Internet." Here are just a few suggestions. Please note that the fact that a site is listed here implies no association at all with YourChildMyChild.com. It is just the nature of the web that the technology permits linking one site to another. - Dave Thompson



Project  NoSpank

A resource for parents, students, educators, education policy makers, healthcare providers, children's advocates, and all others who are concerned with the safety and wellbeing of children.

See also on this site Judge Rotenberg Center investigated for child torture
By Susan Lawrence, June 15, 2006  http://www.nospank.net/jrc-1.htm



"... offers resources for parents at every stage of the journey of caring for their special needs children. From learning more about special needs to picking a school, planning a financial structure, and getting past the bullying and discrimination that so often plague people with special needs."




Cerebral Palsy Information

A page of links regarding CP with categories for causes, types, coping and living with CP, equipment, and therapy.

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Enlightenment - A progressive world view

Common Dreams News Center - Breaking news and views for the progressive community.


ICAD (International Coalition on Abuse & Disability)  "established at the JP Das Developmental Disabilities Centre in 1993 as means of sharing information about violence and abuse in the lives of people with disabilities and providing a platform for discussion on what can be done to control these problems."

The Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates. Pretty much what the name implies. I went to the first COPAA meeting in January 1998. They cover a wide range of legal and practical matters specifically aimed at special education and public schools.

CODI serves as a community resource for consumers and professionals by providing disability information in a wide variety of areas. It consists of both an Internet Directory of Disability Information and a repository of electronic disability documents, dating back to the early 1990s. Many of the documents on CODI are publicly available nowhere else on the Internet.

PsychSearch.net  "Our mission is to provide journalists, law enforcement, criminal investigators, government agencies and the general public with governmental records concerning psych abuses as efficiently as possible."

Of particular interest to parents is the coverage on this web site of a program called TeenScreen that reputes to screen students to reduce suicide risk, but seems a "screen" of its own leading to referrals for prescribing psychotropic drugs. Does Big Pharma have a hand in this? Just another marketing program? Read the site.

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Here are two sites with teaching and research materials for students, teachers, and those seeking an understanding of the horrors of intolerance. Our disabled children - I am convinced - are victims also. When institutions and schools use violence against autistic and mentally retarded children under the guise of discipline, it is an outrage against humanity. The evidence indicates to me a dangerous trend in attitudes in America, not by all -of course- but when violence and intolerance becomes instituionalized, we have a problem.

The Holocaust Teacher Resource Center (TRC) web site, is dedicated to the memory of the six million Jewish people and the six million other people slaughtered during the Holocaust. It strives to combat prejudice and bigotry by transforming the horrors of the Holocaust into positive lessons to help make this a better and safer world for everybody. This site is sponsored by the Holocaust Education Foundation, Inc. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a non-profit organization that combats hate, intolerance, and discrimination through education and litigation. Its programs include Teaching Tolerance and the Intelligence Project, which incorporates Klanwatch and the Militia Task Force. The Center also sponsors the Civil Rights Memorial which celebrates the memory of 40 individuals who died during the Civil Rights Movement.
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Human Rights

Amnesty International is a worldwide campaigning movement that works to promote all the human rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and other international standards. In particular, Amnesty International campaigns to free all prisoners of conscience; ensure fair and prompt trials for political prisoners; abolish the death penalty, torture and other cruel treatment of prisoners; end political killings and "disappearances"; and oppose human rights abuses by opposition groups.



Advocates at work


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Special Needs - Associations, Catalogs, Publications

The Autism National Committee (autcom.org) "This is the only autism advocacy organization dedicated to 'Social Justice for All Citizens with Autism' through a shared vision and a commitment to positive approaches. Our organization was founded in 1990 to protect and advance the human rights and civil rights of all persons with autism, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, and related differences of communication and behavior. In the face of social policies of devaluation, which are expressed in the practices of segregation, medicalization, and aversive conditioning, we assert that all individuals are created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights, and that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

autistics.org. "The purpose of the autistics.org project is to connect persons with autism with the services we need to live whole and happy lives. The immediate goal of autistics.org is to build a global database of information and resources by and for persons on the autistic spectrum".

Abilitations  "At Abilitations we put fun in function. Our catalogs, products, and information provide solutions for professionals and parents working with and raising children with special needs."

S&S Opportunities catalog. "Equipment and supplies for Recreational Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Rehabilitation, Special Education, Sensory Stimulation." They have several catalogs.

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Computer and Technology Resources

California State University, Northridge Center On Disabilities

Note: Not sure about status. I find them now at the website at Synapse Adaptive and Ablenet (July 27  2014)

 Intellitools (800-317-9611 Synapse) (800-322-0956 Ablenet)  Makes adaptive keyboards for PC's and Mac's. Keyboards have various inserts and they offer software so that you can create your own keyboard overlays. They also have some neat software. Formerly known (several years ago) as Unicorn. They have a catalog.

Elo TouchSystems (Tyco Electronics) - This company sells PC/Mac compatible touch screen monitors. They have "SAW" (surface acoustic wave) monitors that provide touch screen technology without the use of a covering (membrane) over the monitor screen. Membrane technologies introduce distortion (fuzziness) and reduce brightness. Elo pricing is industry standard. (My son has touch screen monitor from Elo that has provided eights years of trouble-free service - Dave Thompson)

KidsClick.com - "Educational & Fun Software Just for Kids"
I've bought from site and they have a good selection, great prices, and ship promptly. Sales tax for Texas residents. Text description will generally tell if the software has been tested for Vista. I have a dozen or more CD's from them and all run OK under Vista. - Dave Thompson


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Mobility and Adaptive Needs

Community Playthings  - Maker of toys and furniture for children in kindergartens and child-care centers since 1948. Solid maple blocks, chairs, tables, cribs, shelving and more.
Very high-quality, creatively designed furniture (wooden) and assessories. Some neat items suitable for home use, but focus is on small group facilities. A few items for my own home are on my wish list form this catalog.

Rifton Equipment - Special equipment made for children with physical disabilities since 1977.  Rifton works with teachers and therapists to develop products for positioning and mobilizing children for functional activity. 

MOVE International is dedicated to helping children and adults with severe disabilities sit, stand and walk. MOVE International was born out of a need to improve the quality of life for people with severe disabilities. This is achieved through instruction and adaptive equipment that enhances independent mobility.
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U.S. Congress

U. S. Congress - Current US Federal Legislative Information. Bills, Laws, Congressional Record, reports, and links to further information.
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Home Schooling

THSC. As we know, home schooling is not an option for many parents, especially single parents. If the federal government is going to pass legislation such as IDEA, then we should have the right to expect that our children should be safe in public schools. Furthermore, public schools should make the experience for our children be something other than trivial and demeaning. However, some parents - myself included - find home schooling an alternative in states and school districts that are particularly "hostile" (my word) to disabled children and their parents.

While the THSC has a religious emphasis. They sure know how to lobby and sure know how to deal with the politicians in Austin (Texas state capital). And they support their members on legal issues with school districts in Texas.

KinderStart Homeshooling. List of sites. I haven't researched this site, but has some interesting links. Certainly worth looking at.

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